IGSN Legacy ID Migration Complete


The migration of pre-existing IGSN IDs registered in the IGSN Handle Service to the DOI system is now complete.  The legacy Handles will be able to be resolved for the foreseeable future. All new IGSN IDs will be registered in the DOI system through DataCite.

IGSN is now the Leading  Resource Type in DataCite


DataCite includes many types of resources and the distribution of those has evolved considerably over the last twenty years. During 2023, 75% of the new resources were physical Objects (IGSN IDs).

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IGSN IDs - All Sample Types, All Disciplines

In October 2021, DataCite and the International Generic Sample Number (IGSN) e.V. announced a partnership to foster worldwide adoption, implementation, and utilization of persistent identifiers for material samples. Under this partnership, DataCite is ensuring the ongoing sustainability of the IGSN ID infrastructure and is working with the IGSN e.V. to scale both IGSN IDs usage and sample community engagement and to develop sample identifier practice standards.

The Partnership announced in September 2022 that DataCite DOI services were launched for registering IGSN IDs, and are now available to all DataCite Members and Consortium Organizations. The partners are also establishing disciplinary Communities of Practice to inform how the DataCite Metadata Schema can better support material samples.

Introducing the IGSN and DataCite Partnership

Rorie Edmunds, DataCite's Sample Community Manager, shares an introduction to the collaboration between DataCite and IGSN at DataCite Open Hours on 30 March 2022.

IGSN DataCite Roadmap Announced

IGSN and DataCite are pleased to announce their roadmap towards a partnership that intends to support the global adoption, implementation, and use of physical sample identifiers.  This collaboration is aligned with our respective missions and brings together the strengths of each organisation for the benefit of the research community.

Under the partnership, DataCite will provide the IGSN ID registration services and supporting technology to enable the ongoing sustainability of the IGSN PID infrastructure. The IGSN e.V. will facilitate a Community of Communities to promote and support new research and innovation for standard methods of identifying, citing, and locating physical samples. The partnership allows IGSN to leverage DataCite DOI registration services and to focus community efforts on advocacy and expanding the global samples ecosystem.

Some key details about the partnership: