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As part of the partnership between the IGSN Organisation and DataCite, IGSN IDs are now registered through DataCite services. Details on how to register and use IGSN IDs can be found on the DataCite support site. Our GitHub site has some additional technical documentation for using IGSN IDs.

FAIR WISH - FAIR Workflows to establish IGSN for Samples in the Helmholtz Association

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Addink, W., Damerow, J., Donaldson, M., Edrington, C., Islam, S., Klump, J., et al. (2022). 23 Things Physical Samples (RDA Supporting Outputs). Research Data Alliance.

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IGSN 2040

Defining the Future of the IGSN as a Global Persistent Identifier for Material Samples

IGSN 2040 was a project funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to re-design and mature the existing organization and technical architecture of the IGSN to create a global, scalable, and sustainable technical and organizational infrastructure for persistent unique identifiers (PID) of material samples.

Expected project outcomes:

The key objectives of the IGSN 2040 project were to develop a strategic plan and a roadmap that will guide the IGSN system in its next chapter.

Lehnert, K., Klump, J., Ramdeen, S., Wyborn, L., & Haak, L. (2021). IGSN 2040 Summary Report: Defining the Future of the IGSN as a Global Persistent Identifier for Material Samples. Zenodo.

See Zenodo for presentations and outcomes related to this project.